Introduction of the Library

Short History of the Library

Our library started its operation as the library of the Chemical Faculty of the Technical University of Budapest in 1949 as the reference library of chemistry and chemical industry. With the continuous and still continuing birth of faculties, since 1990, the target areas of the library has been widening covering humane, social and natural sciences. The library collects the reference literature of sciences taught and researched at the university both in Hungarian and in foreign languages (in the forms of book, journal, CD-ROM, DVD and other electronic and audiovisual data medium, handwriting, translation, etc.), compulsory and recommended books, notes and classical literature and work serving to provide general information. One of the important tasks of the library is to collect and maintain the theses written at the university, publications of the tutors of the university and the own publications of the university.

The University of Veszprém and the Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences were integrated as a consequence of a government decision on 1st January 2001 under the of University of Veszprém and in this way the previous university libraries were united as well under the name of Library of the University of Veszprém. Furthermore the archives operating beside the libraries were united, too, and they are working on as a network. The name of the university was changed to University of Pannonia on 1st March 2006 while the official name of the library (Veszprém) became the University Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia. Our library is an open, nationwide and regional scientific reference library that operates as a network.

The Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia (Veszprém) is the centre of the network which includes the faculty, institute, department, college, official and other deposit (Nagykanizsa) libraries working under the maintenance and the organisation of the university. The library controls the activities of the Publishing, the Press and the Bookstores of the University of Pannonia. The University Archives operates within the organisation of the library.

Professional connections

The University Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia is longing to achieve membership in national and international organisations operating in this area. It makes its results known through communiqués, at conferences and it even arranges scientific, professional events itself. It keeps contact with national, European and overseas tertiary educational and other libraries, helps libraries of universities over the border with Hungarian education in their activities and assists the propagation of the publications of the university in the framework of international barter agreements.

Our library is member of the organisations below:

  • IATUL (International Association of Technical University Libraries),
  • IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations),
  • IGELU (International Group of Ex-Libris Users),
  • MKE (Association of Hungarian Librarians),
  • IKSZ (Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes),
  • Club for Hungarian Periodicals,
  • MACS (Hungarian Aleph Group),
  • Association of Agricultural Librarians,
  • HUNOR (Hungarian Open Repositories,
  • HUNINET (Hungarian University Network),
  • HUNGARNET (Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association),
  • ENCES (European Network for Copyright in support of Education and Science).

Plans of the library

For the sake of the development of the library, through library professional tenders, our objectives are steady development of the services of our library meeting the continuous challenges of the era and joining regional, national and international library services and cooperating in creating them.

Some examples:

In the framework of the awarded Service developments and the development of the electronic national document-sending system at the Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia project of (TÁMOP 3.2.4) ‘Tudásdepó – Expressz’:

  • development of the concept of the national document-sending system paying high attention to providing contents protected by copyright in electronic form, which makes an important chain-link of the national objectives of ‘Tudásdepó – Expressz’, the national development and harmonisation of document and information service.
  • development of local informatics network: web2 applications, university history collection available through the network, preparing a collection of publications presenting the scientific life of the university and making it available without hindrance.
  • uploading the records of the processed library stocks (125,000 records) to the catalogue of the National Széchenyi Library, the MOKKA and library informatics developments that are needed for the uploading and the connection.
  • assessment of the needs for library services, their analysis and quality assurance in the library.
  • cooperating with secondary schools: in the framework of the cooperation agreement concluded with Lovassy László Grammar School and Vetési Albert Grammar School the secondary schools join the Aleph integrated library system of the university library and their stock are processed in the university Aleph system on the library server.
  • our objective is to provide high quality service to library visitors, users, those who are interested in and having library services known continuously in the framework of  different programs making them common, presentations, exhibitions trainings kept in the library, in schools or through teaching programs available through our website.
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