The University Publishing and Bookstore and Press primarily carries out its publishing, press and distribution activity in connection with both electronic (CD, DVD, network) and printed publications made at the university and besides offers arising from outside the university.

The University Publishing (building M, ground floor) publishes curriculum taught at the university in both printed and digital form and in a way making it available through the network in the central library (building M, 2nd and 3rd floor).

Since 2002 some of the publications of University Publishing have been available in online form as well. Website of our present digital collection is: You can find some extracts from books or notes even full-text versions and other teaching materials helping learning. Availability might be limited in some cases.

Every student of the first class gets a bar code card at registration that can be used for shopping in the shops of the university (besides it operates as a reader’s card in the library). The student book support is available also through this card – complying with state regulations and the Rules and Regulations of the University - for students getting the state donated basic education.


Egyházy Tiborné dr.

Manager of the University Publishing


Vizi Istvánné

Manager of the University Bookstore in building K


Benkő Andrea

Manager of the University Bookstore in building M


Zalányi Andrásné

Manager of the University Bookstore in Keszthely


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