For high-school students

  • Are you preparing for a competition?
  • Are you writing a scientific/educational study, presentation?
  • Would you like to practice a foreign language?
  • Are looking for educational, scientific or classical literature?
  • Are looking for documents for individual or group learning, pastime?
  • Would you get on the net?
  • Would you use an own laptop?
  • Would you get information on further education?
  • Would you like to get a document from an exterior library
  • Professional information! Tips on how to search for a topic!
  • Xeroxing! Scanning! Spiralling!
  • Registration discount for secondary school students!


You are served by:

  • our traditional document stock of 250 thousand pieces which – apart from Hungarian and foreign language technical books, classical literature books, university notes – offers final theses and diploma works and journals, magazines! Our catalogue is public, we give you a hand in searching!
  • our subscribed online databases in which you can find the full text of the articles of nearly 20 thousand, mostly written in foreign language, journals and the summary of articles of nearly 50 thousand! Online professional dictionaries! Our readers’ service helps you in professional searching!
  • our multimedia room where you might use our CD-ROM and interactive materials helping in language learning individually or in groups through the assist of our devices implemented there!
  • 120 internet workstations in reading areas!
  • Xeroxing, printing, scanning, spiralling opportunity!
  • Interlibrary loan – from other library stocks – we get you the documents which are not available in our library either from abroad for a certain charge!
  • User training and library introduction complying with either individual or group request!

For relaxing:

  • NAVA point in the Multimedia-room or you might watch films with your friends from our own DVD stock,
  • you might speak freely in the conversation room on the first floor,
  • get a refreshment from the Könyvmoly (Book-worm) buffet on the ground floor!
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