Interlibrary loan

Address: 8200 Veszprém, Wartha Vince u. 1. Library (Building M) 3rd floor, Room 308/2.
Mailing address: 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.

Phone: +36-88-624193, +36-88-624275

Through interlibrary loan (ILL) our readers can borrow documents owned by another library or can claim for example for copies of an article, in case the document cannot be found in the own collection of our library. The reader can order the document on the third floor of the library or can send his need to e-mail address. This service can be used on charge.

The terms of interlibrary loans at University of Pannonia:

Filling out a Literature requiring form, it can be downloaded from the website of the library, signature of the director of studies, leader of the department in case of borrowing a book. (The teacher takes responsibility for returning the book.) From the side of teachers giving the number of the topic, form the side of students a registered address is required for the costs arising during interlibrary loans. (In case of students the paying action is carried out on a yellow postal cheque.) In any case you must inform the librarian whether you need the required document even from foreign libraries or just from national ones. For we are an ODR library, it is worth using the database of the National Document-providing System during your interlibrary loan for the sake of faster acquisition from Hungary.


Interlibrary loan
Article copying from journals:
From own collection
- for students and teachers:
15,- Ft/page
From own collection
- for exterior order
25,- Ft/page
+ 200,- Ft postal cost
From exterior collection:
Price on the invoice + postal cost
Interlibrary book loan:
From own and other national libraries:
With postal cost: 800,-Ft +VAT
From foreing libraries with normal deadline:
4500,- Ft/book

Useful databases regarding interlibrary borrowing: ODR, MOKKA,, MATARKA, Nektár.


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