Library Use Regulations

Appendix: Regulations of using reader worktops

The University Library and Archive of the University of Pannonia is an open and nationwide library.
  The conditions for using the Library determined in this regulation.

The University Library was founded together with the University at 1949. In the early times it worked as a specialised library for chemical knowledge. The University Library and Archive of the University of Pannonia is an open and nationwide scientific reference library. The library collects the reference literature of sciences taught and researched at the university both in Hungarian and in foreign languages (in the forms of book, journal, CD-ROM, DVD and other electronic and audiovisual data medium, handwriting, translation, etc.), compulsory and recommended books, notes and classical literature and work serving to provide general information. One of the important tasks of the library is to collect and maintain the theses written at the university, publications of the tutors of the university and the own publications of the university.


The Units of the Library

Readers' rooms, Borrowing, workstations Building M 2-3. floor
Readers' room for journals
Building M 3. floor
Archives Building M 1. floor
Directorate Building M 1. floor
Acquisition, Processing
Building M 1. floor
System administrator
Building M 1. floor
Interlibrary loan
Building M 3. floor
University Publishing
Building M ground floor
University Bookstore (1) Building M ground floor
 University Bookstore (2) Building K basement


Principles of using the library and registration

  • The Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia (hereinafter: Library) is a nationwide, open reference and university library the services of which can be employed by anyone who keeps the rules of its use.
  • In the question of weekend and summer holiday opening hours the rector’s provisions are governing of which the Library is obliged to inform its readers.
  • Services of the Library can be employed by its registered readers.
  • The right to use the Library can be revoked from those who break the rules.
  • The stock and the furniture of the rooms of reader-services are common properties. Visitors are obliged to keep them undamaged and use them with care.
  • People damaging either the borrowed or on-site used documents or any furnishing either directly or accidentally have to pay the damage.
  • It is prohibited to make any notes in the books of the Library or double down or cut the pages or make a tracing or transfer-paper copy of the pictures.
  • You must ask for permission to use any devices to make reproductions of the documents (video recorder, camera, mobile phone, personal copy machine, etc) from the director of the library.
  • Computers being the property of the Library can be used only for the permitted services.
  • You must not take a bag, a coat, any food or drink into the readers’ room. It is compulsory to use the cloak room. The Library does not take responsibility for any objects, valuable things put in clothes or bags by the reader or the personal properties of the reader brought by the reader.
  • A reader leaving the area of the Library must open his/her bag on request.
  • Staying in the Library needs more silence and non-disturbing behaviour following the rules of social life.
  • Using a mobile phone in the readers’ rooms of the Library is prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the building of the Library.
  • Required documents for registration:
    • for the Hungarian students of the University of Pannonia: student card and personal ID card, student ID.
    • for tutors, employees of the University of Pannonia: employer’s attestation.
    • for PhD students of the University of Pannonia : student ID or card and guarantee bond of the department.
    • for foreign students having scholarship (or PhD) at the University of Pannonia: bond of guarantee of the department and permit of residence.
    • for foreign students having free education at the University of Pannonia : student ID and permit of residence.
    • for students of other universities: valid student ID and personal ID card.
    • for people of legal age (over 18): personal ID card.
    • for people under 18 (having a student ID): declaration of guarantee from a legal representative of legal age of him/her.

The stock of the Library can be used only for on site reading or as a copy service for foreign citizens. The Library registers the personal data of the readers on computer, makes a readers’ ticket or daily ticket that is necessary to employ the reader-services.

  • Readers’ ticket: entitles the owner besides reading on site to borrow certain parts of stock. In case of lost ticket: the price of the ticket is 500 HUF.
  • Daily ticket: on the indicated day during the opening hours of the Library it entitles the owner to use the Library but not to borrow.  Price: 200 HUF.
Readers’ and daily tickets and their validity:
  • Registration fee: for one year from the day of registration: 1,600 HUF
  • Daily ticket: valid for the whole day indicated on the ticket during the opening hours of the Library : 200 HUF
  • Replacing lost cards (library cards): 500 HUF

Discounts from the registration fee:

  • Tutors, researchers, employees and active PhD students of full-time education of the University of Pannonia: free.
  • Active PhD students of correspondent education of the University of Pannonia : 400 HUF (25% of the registration fee)
  • Students of other universities, colleges, secondary schools: 800 HUF
    (50% of the registration fee)
  • Teachers, pensioner: 800 HUF (50% of the registration fee)

   Booking fee: 100 HUF 

Fine for delay: 10 HUF a day per book.	100 HUF a day per book in the case of books that can be borrowed for the weekend.
Cost of sending the notice: 
Notice 1:          100,- Ft
Notice 2:          200,- Ft
Notice 3:          300,- Ft
Notice 4:          400,- Ft
Please let us know your changed address through informing us at the borrowing desk on the 2nd floor. 
We can accept only frequently used e-mail availability because we send the notices of delay to it.

Usage on site 

The readers’ rooms can be used by everybody for reading on site.  Documents of the stock can be claimed by filling the call-slip of the stock and having a valid readers’ ticket while books and journals of the readers’ rooms can be used freely. For the use of services, computers and Xerox machines our librarians give you a hand and information.

Limit of number of the books which can be borrowed by the same reader for the same period:
     tutors, researchers of the University of Pannonia:     25 db
     employees of the University of Pannonia:                 15 db
     students of the University of Pannonia:                    10 db
     readers not from the university:                               5 db

There is no possibility to borrow more copies of the same document.

The period of borrowing depends on the type of book. In case the reader does not return the book even after the expiry of the tolerance period or does not postpone the returning dead line he/she is obliged to pay a fine for delay.
Books borrowed by others can be booked.

At the return of the booked book the Library informs the booking person and the Library holds it for 8 days.

If the reader, as opposed to the notification, does not meet the rules and regulations and handles the book carelessly or does not return it in time even after the notice he could be temporarily or permanently banned from the borrowing. In case of compensation for any damage caused by the reader we follow the next steps: In case of lost or damaged books, if they are available, the reader is obliged to replace them with a newer copy or one with the same publishing date. In case of the loss or damage of non-available books the Acquisition Group of the Library determines the amount of the compensation. 

Other available services

    Free services:
  • traditional reference information
  • network library services – use of online reference resources
  • use of library cabinet

  • Not free services:

  • interlibrary borrowing
  • online reference literature search from CD-ROM databases
  • use of certain notes, publications in electronic form
  • Xeroxing
  • printing, spiral binding, coloured printing
  • Scanning

Issued by: Tóth Gábor, general director
Valid from 1. June 2010.

last update: 2011, march 28 - 14:50