Regulations of using reader worktops

This Regulation is the Appendix of the Library Use Regulations.

The Library provides open access computers (hereinafter: reader worktops) for registered readers having a readers’ ticket or visitors having a daily ticket – according to the terms specified by the abovementioned regulations - during the opening hours with the aim of serving learning and  research tasks for the electronic services below. For the use of the services the employees of the reader-service group will give you a hand.


Online catalogue of the Library (OPAC) 

It is accessible from all the readers’ worktops of the library. The remote (not inside the Library) access of the catalogue from the website of the Library through the internet without any time and space limits (except rare technical breaks) is provided at address. Searching in the catalogue is possible without registration, however, borrowing documents is possible only after registration.


CD and DVD databases, multimedia resources

The services below are available just for registered readers in the Multimedia Readers’ Room on the 2nd floor of the Library. If you liked to use the resources above please contact the librarian of the 2nd or 3rd floor reader-service desk and hand over your readers’ card at one of these desks. Afterwards one of our appointed librarians installs the requested database on the given computer of the Multimedia Readers’ Room and if necessary he/she provides a headphone or other accessory. After using the resources the reader gets the readers’ card back.


Compendious and full-text reference literature databases, EISZ services

The abovementioned databases, except for SciFinder Scholar, are available from all the readers’ worktops. With using the databases the reader accepts the terms of use specified by the service provider and considers himself/herself bound by them. These are the following:

  • the systematic downloading and archiving any editions of journals is prohibited,
  • the service of downloaded articles in interlibrary borrowing is prohibited, 
  • forwarding articles via electronic way is prohibited. 

Matches and articles of the journals can be downloaded on site to a virus free USB data carrier or to drive H of the readers’ worktop. On request the downloaded documents can be printed for the current printing fee.


Use of  Scifinder Scholar database

The abovementioned database is available just from the marked worktop on the 3rd floor. Before the use the reader obliges himself/herself giving his/her name and the date of use and his/her signature to follow the contents of the licence agreement. Subject to these there are maximum 100 records that can be downloaded at the same time from the database and these records cannot be forwarded to use them for profit oriented or company aim researches. 


Use of NEPTUN student information and Moodle course managing systems

The abovementioned services are available from all the readers’ worktops of the Library.

For protecting personal data we do call the readers’ attention to log off from the abovementioned applications. In case of not doing so or of any other loss of data or other problems arising in the educational system the Library does not bear responsibility.


Use of office program packages

A purchased (MS Office) and an open source code (OpenOffice) program package can be used on all the worktops of the 2nd and the 3rd floor readers’ rooms. In case of possible compatibility problems the reader-service librarians can give you a hand. We would like to call the attention of all the readers to saving their work because we delete all readers’ data during the frequent updating of the worktops. Saving could be made to the reader’s virus free USB data carrier or to drive H of the reader’s worktop. On request the downloaded documents can be printed for the current printing fee. 

Use of own informatics devices

Connecting own informatics devices to the wire-network could happen only on permission. Written permission is issued by the operator of the Library network. Too long use of the computer on individual purposes is not acceptable and you cannot carry out an activity or start a service that uses the energy of the computer infrastructure or putting its operation to danger and does not serve the benefits of the university. The regulations specified by NIIF (NIIF Program User Regulations) are applicable to the user working with the HBONE network. Connecting an own device is possible at the marked points of the readers’ rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Network infrastructure can be used through a cable provided by the Library after presenting the readers’ card on request. Understanding the above rules and accepting them binding is a precondition for the use. In case of illegal use or use breaking the regulations the competent colleague of the library may ban network traffic on the given place.

Use of open worktops

Permission can be received only for use in connection with any learning-researching activities. Subject to that private use is prohibited (use of peer to peer networks, downloading illegal software and visiting homepages which hurt morals or social groups), 

  • using downloading programs, any torrent applications is prohibited,
  • copying software is prohibited,
  • changing the configuration of software is prohibited,
  • changing hardware configuration is prohibited.

If the employee of the Library discovers any of the listed activities at the readers’ worktops he/she may warn the reader to stop that activity. If the warning fails the competent employee of the Library is entitled to ban the given worktop.

User is financially responsible for any damages arising from breaking the Regulations or non-functional use and this may involve – depending on the severity of carelessness – temporary or permanent banishment from the services of the Library.

The regulations above serve the benefits of the readers and observing them helps the work of the readers and the work of the Library.

Through using readers’ worktops the reader accepts and observes the abovementioned regulations.

Issued by: Tóth Gábor, general director
Valid from 1. June 2010.
last update: 2011, february 26 - 21:40