Introduction to the Archives

Tasks of the Archives include collecting, storing, discovering value-preserving documents of the university or in connection with the university and providing the facilities for researching in the area of the history of science and other researcher services. The Archives takes part in carrying out the tasks of the mother institute, collets and publishes written and other documents regarding the history and the teachers of the university.

There has been a reference Archives operating at the University of Pannonia since 1999. Its collection going back to the year of foundation in 1949 has valuable information about the history of the Hungarian technical higher education of the post-war period.

Almost all of the documents having been created since the foundation of the university still exist, owing to the collecting and handling of them in compliance with the governing rules of law so documents have not been damaged by outside and inside effects. The history of the Archives goes back to the year of 1970’s when experts of the Budapest Technical University visited the university. They suggested that we arranged all the materials having been collected and that we processed them from historical aspects. The next real step was the visit of the Archives of Veszprém County – as the territorially competent one – in 1976 when all the collected documents were checked. At the same time they added that the place of the documents was still not satisfactory and they were missing the documents of the earliest years, furthermore they noted the need of scarping. The theory of founding a university reference archives arose in relation with this visit. All that was in harmony with the national and international trends, in connection with which a lot of institutes with history founded university archives to make the resources of their history for university history researches available.

Founding the university archives in 1964 can be considered as a significant step for the University. The scope of collection included documents and mementos having importance from the aspect of the history of the university. There were initiatives aiming to do so in the capital and in 1933 the ministry tried to attract attention to the foundation of an archives, and besides the director of the Veszprém University Library also supported it, however the conditions of it were still not given.

In 1997 the University of Veszprém became a member of the Hungarian University and College Archives Organization which was created from the Committee of Budeapst-Gödöllő Archives Organization in 1996 through the modification of its charter. Until the construction of the archives the home of the documents was the loft of the central building of the university. Scarping and arranging of these documents started in 1998 and was carried out by the experts of Hungarian University and College Archives Organization. In 1999, two years after joining, the minister of National Cultural Heritage entitled us to transform the university archives into reference archives.

In 2006 the library and the archives left the central building of the university that had been their homes for years and moved to the renovated building of the former Hungarian Petroleum and Gas-experiments Institute. In its new location there was more room so it was possible to make a research room with larger seating capacity and to install more and more modern computers in it. During the developments we acquired a high-performance book scanner as well.

Szögi László, Kiss J. Mihály and Varga Júlia have inevitable condignity in making the archives. They prepared the publication titled ‘Guide for the Archives of the University of Veszprém’ for the inaugural of the archives at the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the university. During the work carried out by archives experts it turned out that arranging the documents was such huge work that it has been still going on nowadays, certainly extended it to documents, which have been collected since then. Our collection includes a photo archives which does not only cover the history of the university but informs us of the events of the era as well. We carry out digitalisation of documents as an additional service. We have gained vast experience during this digitalisation work (MTI, MOL,…) in this area.

The Archives is a member of the Hungarian College Archives Organization making an organic part of its life.

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